Sweet face

Spring Break

 Whew… crazy six months it has been-  new baby, really great photo season, and just keeping up with Finn… I’ve really neglected keeping family and friends up to date… .but we are about… Continue reading

Easter Week

I’m getting a little caught up on things as we get into a bit of a routine around here!  So here comes Easter… filled with fun activities!  We had an Easter parade, and… Continue reading

On Mother’s Day

These photos are a bit old… I think Charlotte maybe was a month old, possibly even younger, but I was waiting for a good time to get organized and post these pics, because… Continue reading

Opening Day Part 3

As everyone knows, Ahren is obsessed with the Red Sox-  it’s on an entirely unacceptable level, but I knew that going into our marriage, and I happen to love baseball, too, so no… Continue reading

St. Patty’s

We are loving the new downtown location we’ve acquired since this time last year-  easy access to all the happenings downtown, including the great St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Ellen, Ahren’s cousin, bravely spent… Continue reading

No nap Ritt

People keep asking me how it has been going from one baby to two babies… Charlotte is easy… it’s the toddler that is killing me.  She is the best, but man, she sucks… Continue reading

My girls’ visit

I have the best friends in the world… the very best!  Such a fun time when they came from all over Virginia to meet in Raleigh for a weekend and say hey to… Continue reading

Duke Gardens

We ventured out with new baby to the beautiful Duke Gardens in Durham for a gorgeous walk one morning-  Finn is at a stage where staying in the house has become an impossibility… Continue reading

I’m in some photos!

When Mary came to meet Charlotte a few weeks ago, she was awesome enough to grab my camera and get some shots of me with the girls!  Love these-