Our summer shoot

Once in awhile I try and take some more “formal” pics of the girls, and because we were in such a beautiful location on the Neuse River at the start of July, I… Continue reading

Fourth of July

    We spent the fourth of July outside of Oriental, NC on the Neuse River with good buds and perfect weather!  We beached it and played in the pool for a few… Continue reading

Charlotte’s first meal

Beginning of June… I’m a few months behind! Avacado wasn’t her thing, and we really haven’t found a fave food for Miss Charlotte since.  

Rittershaus Country Club

A few pics of early summer happenings

Virginia Beach

For my nephew’s first birthday, my brother and I and our families all piled into Dad’s house for a weekend in June to celebrate! We played on the beach and hung out- so… Continue reading


It seems that we are starting an awesome annual tradition of meeting family in unique places for long weekends in the spring.  Last year we all traveled to Nantucket and spent a beautiful… Continue reading

Last Day of School

Wow- how this year flew… and what a change in Finley! I was a little nervous about her going to school last September…it felt like we’d just brought her home from the hospital.… Continue reading

scoping out the Arboretum

            There are times when I get requests from clients to shoot at locations that I’ve never been to before… I had heard many people talk about the… Continue reading

Charlotte at four and a half months


We were long overdue to go check out our house- had to make sure the tenants hadn’t destroyed it, and we were able to coincide the visit with a conference for Ahren.  Mom… Continue reading