My grandparents

Meeting Janie  Meeting Gee

Back East

After the holidays, Ahren had to go back to North Carolina for a second round of interviews, and I went to Baltimore to visit Anne before her baby.  We made a tour out… Continue reading


Right after Christmas we were so happy to have Ahren’s Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim and his cousins Gracie and Emerson come for a visit- a great time!

Christmas weekend

Ahren traveled much of December interviewing for jobs back east.  We decided it would be easier to have some downtime after a crazy few months and just stay in Ann Arbor this year.… Continue reading

Christmas card, take 2

With such an adorable subject, the pressure was on to get quite the Christmas card photo this year.  As shown in an earlier post, all that came out of my first attempt was… Continue reading

Our other children

After many Christmas card photo attempts with the DOGS and the BABY, I gave up and went  for solo shots… everyone was happier…  THE WINNER-


 Finn’s tiny feet and Ahren  Christmas card attempts!  Holding her Granddad Todd’s hand  Meeting Katie Kirian Waiting for Santa!

Virginia Girls Visit

Mary and Lisa came to meet Finn the first weekend of December. Maxton and Finn became best friends right away, and we all celebrated Tech’s ACC win! 


Just a few weeks after her birth, Finn was able to meet her aunts and grandparents when they made an exciting Thanksgiving visit to Ann Arbor!

Finn, Week 2

We are loving parenthood, and although Ahren had to travel to Raleigh for the first of his interviews, it’s been a pretty easy transition.  My mom came to help for almost a week,… Continue reading