Some overlooked photos

I just found these while trying to reorganize some things-  they were taken the weekend of Finn’s first birthday when all of our family was visiting.  It was a gorgeous and warm fall… Continue reading

Christmas Visitors

We returned from the river to be greeted by my incredible friends- here for some Christmas cheer!  Brandon and Finn go way back now… love seeing them together as they get older.  Parents… Continue reading

a toast…

When my granddad passed away in early December, we headed straight for the river and his beloved home.  We always spend evenings on the front porch watching the sun go down and enjoying… Continue reading

Ahren’s Birthday and Batalis Visit

Yes… I’m very out of order with these posts…  Ahren’s birthday fell on a weeknight- just a few days after out anniversary and a few days before Finn’s first birthday, so we celebrated… Continue reading

Homecoming at VT

Happy New Year!  Finishing up stray photos- a weekend in October, and Finn’s first visit to a Virginia Tech football game!  She didn’t make it into Lane Stadium because Lisa was nice enough… Continue reading

Finn turns 1!

In some ways it seems like such a long year-  to think that Finn was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan just a little over a year ago, and Ahren and I were sent… Continue reading

Visit to Santa

…I really can’t say much about this…  BEST MEMORY EVER since becoming a parent… 

Cutting Down the Tree

So for years I have wanted to not only cut down my own tree, but own a Christmas tree farm where my dogs (Mason) could run, and all year long it would be… Continue reading


I’m behind in posts, and it is the holidays, so I’m going to skip a few and try and get some holiday posts in before Christmas.  Holiday season began with a celebration in… Continue reading


First steps taken today! Photos?  Nope…  but since I haven’t touched her baby book in months… here is my documentation.