Monthly Archive: June, 2015

Charlotte finds the sink

Seems so long ago now, but last fall, Lottie found her way to the sink, and all she wanted to do was play in it… the best.

Baltimore Getaway

Last fall, a quick, child free trip to that awesome city I love… we hit up our old spots, checked out our old place, and got to see a Ravens game…

School of Grace, 2014

Charlotte’s first year and Finn’s third! We love this school so much, and I knew that Charlotte would be in the best hands ever…

Sandbridge, 2014

Pure bliss with this crew… always…        

Maine, 2014

It’s amazing to be able to return year after year and visit Ahren’s family and extended family… so special for everyone, but especially the girls. I’m watching new traditions evolve as we continue… Continue reading

Charlotte helping me scout

Always fun to check out new locations for potential photo shoots… with my little model by my side.

July 4th, 2014

So I’m only a year behind on this blog… but determined to catch up, because it’s a place I can go and remind myself of all that is happening to us as the… Continue reading


We had been really wanting to explore Boone for awhile since moving to Raleigh, so last summer we rented a place for a week, and had some of close friends join us for… Continue reading


Rittershaus Country Club…. always a hit around here…

Memorial Day, 2014

We have started making it a tradition to meet with family over Memorial Day, and in 2014 we decided to go visit Boston, since we so rarely stay there when we visit New… Continue reading