Last Day of School

Wow- how this year flew… and what a change in Finley! I was a little nervous about her going to school last September…it felt like we’d just brought her home from the hospital. And now it’s May, and I cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience it was for her. She loved everything about this place, and Ahren and I loved it, too. Finn grew socially and even in July is still talking about all of her friends. We had an amazing support system from the teachers at the school, and Finn truly came to love them. They were there for us as we made the major transition from a three person family to four, and they provided guidance and love in so many ways. It really blows me away when I look back on Finn in September and the changes over the year!


Finn in September- first day of school




on our way out the door in September


on our way out the door in May

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