We were long overdue to go check out our house- had to make sure the tenants hadn’t destroyed it, and we were able to coincide the visit with a conference for Ahren.  Mom and Chuck joined us the second half of the week- so helpful to have two more sets of hands at the beach with the little ladies, and we were able to catch up with some of our buds.  It was really strange to go back to our first home- Mason and Dixie now gone, Finn and Charlotte in tow… the trip reminded us of what a great time in our lives living there was (yes, despite my constant complaining) and how much things have changed since.  We miss our friends there much (Gretchen, how did I not get any photos of Denny and Finn??), and the eating and beaches, too!

I have never seen a deer on the beach in my life.  Everyone ran, thinking he was rabid, and I grabbed my camera.
our little place
Kate and Amy

Gomez meets Charlotte

girls are grown up!

John meets Charlotte
Finn’s new fave outfit from Gomez

Frisbee playing in the park!

Charlotte did a lot of sleeping… 

We checked out the Ocean Course on Kiawah