Spring Break

 Whew… crazy six months it has been-  new baby, really great photo season, and just keeping up with Finn… I’ve really neglected keeping family and friends up to date… .but we are about to take a huge breather and get caught up on life and geared up for fall!
So spring break, way back in April… Finn had a week off of school, and we headed to Virginia so some family could meet Charlotte and we could catch up with friends.  The girls and I left mid week and spent a few nights in Richmond with Mom and Chuck and Summer, then we met Ahren in Charlottesville to spend the day with my bro and his family.  Dad met us there, and Hank got to meet his new baby cousin.  He was super excited.
We ended out the trip with a stay at the Tuskey house and an awesome beer tour through the mountains of Virginia… babies and everything.  I love that crew.
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