She’s here!

On January 7th, in just a few short hours, Charlotte Todd Rittershaus made her appearance, and we became a family of four!  Charlotte (Charlie?  Lottie?- nickname TBD) is a really good baby, and although Miss Finn wasn’t exactly sure about her new little sister (don’t let the photos below fool you…), she is now finally adjusting, and I am hopeful that one day she may even like the new addition. We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received.  Our Raleigh community has been wonderful-  everyone was checking on me constantly during my last months of pregnancy and offering to help whenever they could, and we have had meals delivered consistently by an amazing group of women.  We feel so fortunate to call Raleigh home because of this outpouring of support.  Our long distance family and friends are also incredible- everyone has been visiting and helping as we make the adjustment to life with a toddler and an infant.  Thank you!
There are many photos to follow- things are a bit busy, but I’m posting when I can- especially for family and friends who are not local- Love to all!