Monthly Archive: February, 2013

The new backyard

The mud pit that was our backyard is now a nice and livable area that we have used whenever the weather has allowed this winter… this was our first day out since the… Continue reading


We break the rules in this house.  And then I grab my camera to capture the rule breaking.  This is what I’m going to remember when she’s grown.  


Santa brought little one a bike for Christmas!  At first, she’d have nothing to do with it, since it had everything to do with Santa.  Finn does not like Santa.  It sat, unused,… Continue reading

Grandparents and Aunts

About a week after Charlotte was born, Ahren’s mom and dad and sisters all flew down from Boston to spend some time with us and meet the new grandchild / niece.  The weather… Continue reading

A few pics from our first days at home

A blur of babies is what we are talking about here… but I pulled out the camera here and there!


Just because it’s a day about love… 

She’s here!

On January 7th, in just a few short hours, Charlotte Todd Rittershaus made her appearance, and we became a family of four!  Charlotte (Charlie?  Lottie?- nickname TBD) is a really good baby, and… Continue reading

A shout out Amy!

We’ve moved over and over again, so I’m not used to being the one that watches someone else leave… but today one of my closest friends in Raleigh left for Minnesota…  Finn and… Continue reading