End of Fall

So I continue to wait to have Baby Ritt #2… we are now two days past our due date, and I can’t sleep, so I’m taking this opportunity to get a bit caught up on things, including the end of the fall season.  The Christmas parade came early, I think it was on November 18th, and the fam and I took advantage of our new downtown hangout and walked over to enjoy the festivities.  A few snapshots below!

November also included the annual Batalis visit- our amazing friends from Charleston.  Denny is a few months younger than Finn, so it’s fun to see them interact as they get older.  Trip included Ahren’s birthday celebration- Dirt Cake and all (I just found out after 7 years of marriage that it’s his fave…), a trip to Pullen Park, and brunch at Pooles’.   We also squeezed in a quick photo shoot for their Christmas card- also something that is turning into an annual tradition!  Love the pics of Finn hugging Nicky B.  If you know Nick, you know why… and he definitely needs a little girl of his own. 🙂