Halloween, 2012

Yep- it’s December 20th, and here is my Halloween update on Miss Finn.  It’s been that kind of fall in so many great ways!  She was a bit overwhelmed by the celebrations of Halloween:  a par-tay at preschool, a par-tay for her Stroller Strides friends, and a night of trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood, which we now know gets way into any kind of holiday spirit.  We literally had to turn our lights off after over 300 trick-or treaters…  I think some of the festivities were scary to her, and looking at things through her eyes, I could understand.  It was really fun for us, though!  The parties were fun, and we had friends over to trick-or-treating, so everyone got to drink beer and hand out candy after a short lived trip around the block with the toddlers…

Par-Tay One at Preschool:  Hokie Bird

Par-Tay 2 at the incredible Bray residence

Night of Trick-or-Treating

trying to keep up with her friends!

had to post this house with the wine bar- red or white… and I couldn’t partake…