This post has been a long time coming, and I kept avoiding it due to many things-  mainly the chaos of life, but also just needing some time to process that one of my very favorite people in the world is gone.  My grandmother passed away at the end of September, and my family and I have all had time to reflect on what a great life she led and how she left us all with the desire to find laughter in every possible situation.  She truly loved life like no one I’ve ever met- always the first to arrive at a party, always the last to leave-  as her memorial so appropriately stated: “She led a life full of energy, personality and never ending humor.  She loved to party, laugh, and dance. ”  In the grandmotherly fashion, she was the first person to introduce me to a martini, and we definitely did our share of dancing… The opportunities she and my grandfather provided for all of us are endless.

Janie was always in my corner and always there for me.  And I will never forget her positive attitude no matter what life brought to her doorstep.  When she first got sick, over seven years ago, she entered rehab with eyes ahead, determined to be at my wedding just six weeks later, and of course she was…  It meant everything that she was able to see Finn for almost two years.  The last time I saw her, just days before her passing,  I reminded her about my second pregnancy with baby girl #2, and she looked at me, smiling, and simply said, “Delighted.”

My great-grandparents and my grandmother, the bride, on her wedding day
At our wedding
Jane and Finn

Janie’s loves
My brother and me and our own loves
All of Janie’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren

My grandmother and grandfather