Homecoming at VT

Mid October calls for a visit to Virginia Tech!  After we took Finn to the Homecoming game last year and got to experience the parade and all the festivities that go along with Homecoming, we have informally decided to make it an annual tradition. This particular weekend couldn’t have gone better!  The travel was easy, Finn slept great, we got to spend some time with family, as Dad was there and Toddy, now in high school, was touring the campus to get a feel for the university.  We got to see a ton of great friends and do some tailgating, and Finn loved the Hokie Bird and the band.  Wonder where she gets that?  No pressure, baby, no pressure.   It’s all she’s talked about since we’ve come home. She  made her first trip inside the stadium and was obsessed with “Enter Sandman” entrance and the halftime show.  Although we left a bit early to give the people around us a break from a squirmy toddler, we still stuck around the stadium, and Finn enjoyed running around while Ahren and I were able to still hear the game happenings and hear the crowd.  It’s the most beautiful place this time of year!

Watching the parade

a bit overshelmed!

sweet cousins!

one of my fave pics ever

a little downtime outside of Lane Stadium

the closest we came to a nap that day… for about 5 seconds… 


Reading in the hotel room at the end of the big day!