Deltaville, Virginia!

Summer of travel continues-  my grandparents used to have a home in this small town off the Chesapeake Bay, and I was fortunate enough to grow up spending lots of time here.  We returned to visit at the start of August and got to see some more family while there-  perfect weather and a great time! And…. there is a new little Ritt on the way!  Finn is going to be a big sister to another little girl! My due date is January 4th… that belly is just getting too big to hide in photos these days!  We are so excited.

Finn and my sweet cousins 

Looking up to her cousin, Kitch

My bro Luke, Mary, and my lil’ nephew Hank!

Boat riding!

Finn had moments where she wasn’t really sure about her cousin, Hank

Baby Hank is smiling now!

…and… her new pose…