Blacksburg visit

One of my fave places ever with some of the best people ever-  I usually return on football game weekends, but this July I visited Lisa and her great family for a few days… Max has gotten so big!  It was so nice to be able to hang out with the Carters without the (fun) chaos of a game day and just spend time in the ‘burg… Finn had a blast, and it was a reality check for me to take her on campus and let her run around… especially with freshmen orientation sessions occurring.  I was that freshman last summer… right?  We’ll be back a few times this fall, and I can’t wait!!

Could two friends have babies that look more alike?  

A visit to the Duck Pond at VT got a little out of hand…

Finn was not a fan at first.  

This is her new thing… because I always kneel when I photograph and tell her to smile, she now kneels when she’s being photographed.  Poor kid.  

VT!  College football starts this weekend…