The first week of June we headed to New England for a whirlwind trip to Nantucket to remember Rich on his birthday.  The entire Rittershaus crew met up in Hyannis, and we piled on a ferry and traveled to the beautiful island for a long weekend.  We spent three days exploring Nantucket and visiting some of Rich’s favorite places.  Unfortunately, the weather was wet and chilly a lot of the time, but we had a great time despite!  Finn had no cold weather clothes that fit her anymore, so we squeezed her into what we could for the time we were there and bundled ourselves to take advantage of all the island had to offer.  
Strolling the beach in Hyannis

a little Kennedy stalking-  you know I had to do it-

venturing out with Aunt Em and Ahren

dinner entertainment with Aunt Claire

enjoying some bluegrass at a local brewery- love this pic of the sibs!  Sums up their relationship-  

a little beach crusin’, anyone?  

piling out of our jeep to go find the other jeep filled with the other half of the fam…

…and there it is…

8 hours later… (not really…)

Shore walk!  

Loved this old house

My fave videographer ever…