Opening Day, 2012

     I was reminded this morning by the hubs that today is the 100th anniversary of the opening of Fenway Park, and so it’s only appropriate that I get these pics of the twins up today.  On Opening Day (is that a proper noun?)  this year, Ahren “surprised” Finn with her first REAL Red Sox hat.  And then he demanded that photos be taken to continue their tradition started last year… click HERE (and this flashback is a must!) to see the babes on her first opening day… 
     In case you were wondering, you can tune in at 2:00 today to watch the festivities of the anniversary celebration… I know we’ll all be watching.  He’s lucky I love baseball. 
   Oh, and by the way… the Orioles are in first place.  Just sayin’.  And yes, O’s gear still needed.