Finn turns 1!

In some ways it seems like such a long year-  to think that Finn was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan just a little over a year ago, and Ahren and I were sent home with this eight pound little baby… and now we’re in Raleigh, North Carolina with a little lady that can communicate and laugh and eat and dance… in other ways the year really has just flown by for us… I need for it to slow down!
We decided to mark her first birthday with a big party, because, after all, she is a Hyman/Rittershaus (and also all of the Boston contingent was able to come down for a long weekend!)… so we started the planning and had a fantastic day.  Here are quite a few images documenting the weekend…


Siblings and baby on the way out to lunch

love the faces of Claire and Finn- the lips…

Story time with Papa before bed…

Party Day-

We hung photos from each month of Finn’s life 

a little table that allowed family to write Finn a note for her to open when she turns 18…

BBQ lunch

Aunt Claire and Aunt Emily

Aunt Summer and Aunt Annaliese 

Uncle Luke

Aunt Emily made Finn her very own pillow

 Once Finn went to bed, it was game on with the grown ups… we played Just Dance all night long…

 Our little photo booth

Happy Birthday, Finn!

Also, my talented sister-in-law Annaliese made a video for Finn’s birthday present… you can see that here.