Boothbay Harbor, Maine… part 1

We are incredibly lucky because Ahren’s family is from one of the prettiest places in the world, and we get to visit each summer.  By the way, it’s never long enough.  Every year we stay a little longer, and every year we wish we never had to leave…. so this summer I took about 1000 photos, literally.  Between an adorable baby who had never been to Maine before, a beautiful landscape, and activity after “I must capture this on camera” activity, I just couldn’t resist.  This post is the first of many that will reflect our travels in Maine! We had a great time, and Finn is an ocean girl all the way. There is no rhyme or reason to the order of these pics… we did so many things while we were there, and I’m just offering up a little bit of the fun!
I had to include the night BEFORE Maine… Finn’s first Kenny concert… with her redneck outfit supplied by Mary…

Night 1:  Dinner at Sprucewold Lodge

Hugs from Aunt Annaliese

…and Aunt Emily

Meeting cousins Jacob and Ellen

…being sung to sleep by Annaliese and Co.

Dinner with great-grandparents

Kissin’ at Happy Hour… cause it’s an hour to be happy.

breakfast on the porch

at night with Dad under the lights

Great Uncle Billy and Great Aunt Doris


baths in the kitchen sink

Trivia at the LIberal Cup 
Finn’s first visit to Heaven on Earth (Bet’s Fish Fry…)

… she likes it. 

..on the boat with Papa on the way to the Clambake…

Great-great Aunt Evelyn at the Clambake